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Parent Champions
for Child Care


If you are a WV parent or guardian who wants to join the organizing work for WV child care, click below to fill out a short form, and we will be in touch soon! 

Rattle The Windows is proud to be working to address the need for accessible and affordable quality child care for West Virginia's families. Partnering with West Virginia Association for Young Children and MomsRising, we hosted a series of "A Day Without Child Care" town halls throughout April and May, 2023. Seven town halls in four weeks across the state, giving our communities and elected officials a chance to hear from providers, parents, and local business leaders on how important child care is to them. Governor Jim Justice stopped by our last one and listened to those in attendance about the importance of solving child care. 

Town Hall Media Hits

Click here to access  a list of media hits from our town hall. 


#SolveChildCare Campaign

Child care is the work force behind the work force. Without quality affordable and accessible work force, our families struggle. Every day, we hear stories of parents having to cut their hours or leave their jobs altogether because the cost of child care or the lack of available child care is too much of a burden. Meanwhile, child care providers are facing difficult decisions in regards to closing classrooms or, in extreme cases, their doors. 

Learn more about what we're asking for this legislative session as we continue our campaign to #solvechildcare. 

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